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Halloween mistake


Two fourteen year old girls excited about holllween go to the wrong haunted house. They are mistaken for two of the girls working the haunted house , and are put in the dungeon portion of the house. Where they are raped by a lot of men through out the night, and learn to like it.

Kelly and Amy are freshmen at Franklin High. They heard some older guys at school talking about Hill's Haunted House (but you are need to be sixteen to enter).

They decide to sneak in. So they sneak out of their houses to go , so their parents don't know. However they end up going to Haunted Hill House by accident.

There for a different Kelly and Amy who got stuck in traffic and whould not make it in time. The manager not having met the ladies before took them to the dressing room to put on their costumes for the dungeon room.

He chained one to stocks and the other to a set of chains hanging from the roof. Then fitted both of them with ball Gags (which they thought was weird).

Then the costumers start coming in. Amy (in the stocks) has aman come to her. He ripped costume off and starts rubbing her pussy. She is frightened at as any virgin girl would be but with the ball gag and being restrained by the stocks could not fight him. As he rubs her pussy , she begins to feel a tingle there. He feels her getting wet as soon as she is wet suffently he takes his 6 inch manhood and starts working into her pussy he's amased how tight she is. Once the head of his cock is in he feels her maiden hood and pulls out till he is just at her entrance. With a powerful force push himself into her. She tries to screem but with the ball gag it's just a whimper. He slowly starts to slide himself back out then pushes back in going a little further now he is mostly in he pulls out agin then pushes his whole cock in . Once he is balls deep in her , he pauses to let her adjust to him. She is still whimpering and would probable would be screening if she could. He feels a just to his size and starts pumping slow at first then harder. He increases his till he is hammering her hard and fast. She starts mooning her breathing fast, she realizes her pain has gone away and is bing replaced by feeling she has never felt before, she does't know what it is but she likes it. After about 4 or 5 minutes with her panting for breath he plunges deep into her and releases his cum, at the same time she had her first ever orgasom.

At the same time as the guy had gone to Amy a mother guy went to Kelly he ripped her costume off as well. Unlike the other guy , he starts by sucking her breast. Like Amy she would have screened if she could and like Amy she starts to feel tingles not just in her breast but in her pussy as well. She feels herself getting wet from the stimulation. Once she is wet enough he lifts herby her legs and pushes himself into her unlike Amy her maiden head had ruptured when she was 10 from bike accident but it was still her first time so she was tight. He got about 4 of his 6 inches into her on his first lunge. He slowly worked at it till he was balls deep as well. He started plunging himself in and out fairly quickly. She began to feel all the feelings Amy had and when he came within her, she too had an orgasom.

Afterword both girls hung loosely in the chains and stocks and didn't notice more men come into the room. The first guy went to Amy he got down behind her and shoved his cock into her in like the first guy he was an inch longer but half as thick he pumped into her 9 or 10 times then pulled out and forced his cock into her ass hole the pain was so bad she thought she would die you could almost hear her screens through the ball gag. But after 3 minutes it became easier and though uncomfertable wasn't bad at all. She had preferred it in her pussy. He came after about 7 minutes or so.

Kelly on the other hand had 2 guys come upto herboth fondled her breast in front one behind the guy in front shoved his 7 inch cocked in her pussy, but the other shoved his 6 inch cock in her ass. Despite the gag you could hear her screem. Two big cocks in her at once was too painful for her once they were done she was taken down from the chains and placed on a mat. She was so sore she couldn't if she wanted to and she did. Her ball gag was taken out and she was given some water. Then she placed on her hands and knees one cock pushed into her pussy she was about to complain when another was shoved into her mouth and she was double teemed front and back. She could barely get enough air from her nose. Every time the cock in her mouth touched the back of her mouth she gaged a little barely able to keep from vomiting. Then the tingling from her pussy began to make not care it was happening agin. Her orgasom was building , just as hit peeked and a screem threatened come her throat opened up the cock in her mouth went down her throat andsher nose buried in his pubic hair. He ejectulared in her throat. After a minute or two he pulled out completely.

Amy ball gag removed was given some water, but was still in the stocks. One guy stuffed pussy another plunged it in her mouth. Unable to move because of the stocks, she didn't have an easy time of it. As the guy behind her her shoulders would jam against the stocks, as the guy in front pushed in the back of her head would hit the stocks. Finely after about three minutes her pussy began to tingle and her orgasom grew. Unlike Kelly the man in front could not enter her throat, so he just held his cock at the entrance and ejectulated that way.

Six more men came in, this time Amy was taken out of the stocks and placed beside Kelly. Then they were forced sit with a mans cock in their pussys. Every time they tried rise up to get off the cocks they were shoved back down. The men they were ontop over leaned up and started sucking their tits as they forced to fuck, wrapping their arms around the girls they lowered back down taking the girls with them. Suddenly the girls felt cocks going up their asshloes, screeming the girls could do nothing about it. But the other two guys shoved their cocks into their mouthes. Kelly having already a cock in her mouth was being face fucked this time the cock went into her throat as well. Amy not having a cock in her throat gaged a time or two eventually got into the foursome. All four came with each girl. There several more men who fucked them that night, of corse by then they didn't care, they loved fucking.

At the end of the night the girls each received 5,000 dollars and were invited to come back agin. The manager said they had as much in a long time was sure they were the reason. The girls said they were not supposed to be ther. The manager looked at them funny why he asked? We are only fourteen they said.

The manager was shocked and gave them several apologies. They said they wouldn't press any charges. But they had one condishion that they could come back as much as they wanted to. He agreed.

This is my first story attempt please comment and let me know how I did and how I can improve thank you.


It needs a bit more meat to the story and the lengthy paragraphs need to be broken up a bit.
It might be a good addition to the NIS series.


You really need an editor, or at least a proof-reader.

As always with porn and mouths being used, I wonder why they don't bite?

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