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Lesbian Mommy Issues


I would love to see someone write a story based on this poem:

Many people say I look twelve.

That's cuz my birth mom resembles an elf.

When I was young, I wanted to nurse.

But was given a bottle from her purse.

She was to thin, without much breast.

So much more frail, than all the rest.

Soon I developed desires of my own.

Looked across the street at a woman named Joan.

The lady was sunbathing, her huge tall toned body.

Caught me glancing, so I ran to the potty.

Went to my mature plump neighbors house.

She took me into her crotch, my face she would douse.

The reverse of my mother, whose exit was thin.

My neighbors big buttocks, head first I went in!

With me on her lap, she presented her boob.

I used my tongue, I sucked out liquid food.

Sometimes she would call my mother's house too.

Only to add to the growing taboo!

She groan and sighed, head in a whirl.

I felt so naughty, when she called me "her little girl".

All I wanted was to call her Mommy.

She was like a rubenesque Dommy.

A video was made with me on my knees.

For this powerful curvy woman I only wanted to please.

Feeling loved under her cover.

Maybe she will show my mother!!!

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