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Long Lost Sister


When the main character is really little his parents divorce and his mom took his sister and he stayed with his dad. He hadn't heard from his mom nor his sister since. He had been trying to look for his sister and to a lesser extent his mom for years. Finally one day he decides to just take some time off from it all, work and searching for his family. He's a few states away from where he lives and meets a really beautiful young woman at the hotel he's staying at. She's close to his age and they kind of date for a little over a week. They have sex in the pool of the hotel they're staying at. They decide to part ways. Probably they just wanted some kind of wild fling or something. She says at the end that she has a boyfriend, but in reality that is a lie. This woman is on his mind almost as much as his sister is. Then one day a few months later he finds his sister. They talk online and schedule a meeting. His Dad is there when she arrives. The main character is surprised to find out that his sister is the woman he had fallen in love with and had been having sex during his vacation time. But that is nowhere near as surprising as the fact that she's obviously pregnant. Neither of them let on to their dad that they met before. When the dad leaves to get some food that is when they talk about what happened while they stayed at the hotel. And talk about why they didn't recognize one another. Maybe some names were changed. And then she tells her brother the truth. That she didn't have a boyfriend when they met. She just said that so it would be easier to say goodbye. And that he is the father of the baby(or babies) in her belly.

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