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Misplaced In Time


A young girl about to turn 18 is in school one day and she learns about an important person in her earth's history (Takes place in an alternate world). She hadn't been paying much attention in her lessons that day but this figure struck a cord in her and she paid attention at least partially. Her friend kept distracting her. One thing she keeps thinking of as she travels home is how he never had any children and how his entire estate was divided up and made unrecognizable for the most part. She remembers thinking how sad that was and what he would have thought of the land and home and everything he worked for was pretty much destroyed. She thinks the rest of the day how she wishes she could do something for him. When she gets home only her older brother is there. He runs into her as he walks out of the bathroom. The thing is she had thought she was alone so she had gone to her room first and stripped naked and carried a change of clothes with her and he got a good look of her naked and she got a good look at the bulge in his towel. He tells her that their dad and her mom will be home late tonight. They are only half siblings. He was born from a relationship their dad had a couple years before their dad met her mom. To tease him she tries to take his towel but he is too quick. In the shower she is sitting and letting the water run over her naked body. As she is enjoying the feeling of the cascading streams of water she thinks of masturbating to the image of her brother and the bulge she had seen earlier. But she refrains. She had decided to remain untouched until she found that special someone. She only touches herself to clean up or if she has an actual itch that needs scratching and not of the sexual kind. She looks up to the ceiling and feels a strange sensation that she's been feeling all week, but this time it is stronger. So she lays down and then closes her eyes. She keeps her eyes shut until she no longer feels the water on her body. She was about to chew out her brother for turning off the water when she realizes that not only is the water off but she is no longer in the bathroom. When she opens her eyes she realizes not only is she not in the bathroom she is in fact no longer in her house. She doesn't even recognize where she is. She tires to stand up but when she rises up a few inches she loses all strength in her muscles. She starts to panic then someone comes along. He's riding a horse then several more of his friends come up behind him. he gets off the horse and says something but her ears are ringing and she can't hear him. He starts to take his clothes off and get on top of her when she starts to scream. Not that she can hear herself. Then the next thing she knows the man is running off. She then sees a kind and smiling face. She passes out. When she wakes up she has a major pain in her head. Then she feels a hand on her shoulder. She can faintly hear him say not to get up. He explains that he had scared away the men who had attacked her. She starts to look panicked and looks down between her legs and tries to talk. He then informs her that he got to her before they did anything to harm her honor. And that the doctors have informed him that her maidenhood is still intact. She spends few days in the hospital and figures out that she has somehow been sent back in time. And she has met the man she had heard about in school he was the one that had saved her. For a long time she thinks she's dreaming or in a coma or something crazy. But she lives her life like she belongs there. She becomes very good friends with the man that saved her and helps him through heart ache when he learns his wife can't have children. Even though she is still partially convinced she is still dreaming she offers to help her friend. By giving him a child. She would sleep with him and carry his child. And when the child is born she would give the child to him and his wife. The moment she realizes she's not dreaming is when he takes her virginity. In no dream would she ever feel that pain. She had forgotten the pain she had when she first got here. As she handed the baby she had carried for so long over to Her new parents she realized not only did she love the man but she couldn't have him because he was still in love with his wife. When she was all healed she was walking outside. He finds her and they talk. He reveals that there is a part of him that does love her but he can't leave his wife. They share one more night of passionate love making and then she was laying down in a newly empty bath as she experiences a strange feeling that she hadn't felt in a long time. Then suddenly she feels water hitting her body from a shower. Then it stops and a hand shakes her body. She looks into the eyes of her older brother. He is visibly very worried. He looks her over and when she doesn't respond vocally he gets more worried. Later she is taken to the hospital and they find that nothing was seriously wrong with her but she would need lots of rest. She again begins to wonder if what she had experienced had in fact been a dream. Shortly before her parents arrive her brother looks at her funny and then mentions how he hadn't realized her hair had been so long before. Some time later she discovers that the man she had fallen in love with in her special travels as she calls it had with his wife's permission a child with a special friend he had fallen in love with. And his family still lives in the house and town he had worked hard to build. She goes to visit the house a couple years later. Maybe some things can happen with her descendants after that. Maybe they recognize her from a painting that was made of her. Maybe not.

There is a part two idea. Some ideas is that she were to go back in time but not as far back this time. She runs into her dad they either do it together or she does it with one of his friends and he runs off once he finds out she's pregnant. Before she goes back into her own time she sees her son from her father or his friend has a birthmark on his body. And when she goes back to her own time she finally sees her brother naked. In the area that had been covered by a towel before she sees the birthmark her son had. We may find out that her brother/son or her father had known for a long time that she was connected to them in the way she was.

Replies:   Capt. Zapp
Capt. Zapp


Sounds intriguing, once I got through the massive paragraph.

Honestly, I wouldn't mind reading that story, but I doubt I could write it. (I'm having enough problems working on the ones already in progress.)

At one point in your description, where you said she and the man from the past shared one more night of passion, I thought for sure she was going to return to the present pregnant.

Replies:   StaticBat83

@Capt. Zapp

I think that would have been her hope too. Returning home pregnant. At one point she would have thought she was pregnant but then she figures the Time Traveling would be too hard on her body.

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