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Frustrated New Bride


On her wedding night a young woman is frustrated that her new husband finished his "Business" long before she came close. It was only made worse when he fell asleep shortly afterwards. So she went out of her hotel room and ran into her brother-in-law and she ended up having sex with him. He was much better than her husband. But she was still craving more. She then later ran into her father-in-law. He was a very good lover. Her favorite in a very long time. Soon after that she found out she was in fact pregnant. She was unsure who the father was. Before the baby is born she finds out her Sister and her brother-in-law passed away. They left her their 10 year old daughter. The husband wonders why his in-laws left the child with him and his wife. Later at a doctor's appointment or the birth of the new baby, he finds out why. The child was not his wife's niece but his wife's own child she had before she met him. That means his wife had gotten pregnant while still a teenager since his wife is only 25 or 26. By the time he had found out that secret he had already grown to care about the girl like she was his own. But what will he think when he finds out that the new baby may not be his and who the father of his wife's first child is.


According to the snippit. In all likelyhood the young girl and the baby are his sisters.

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