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Secret Grandchild


An old man gets a surprise when he is asked to watch over his teenage granddaughter. A few days into his son's trip his granddaughter's friend from out of state comes to visit. The old man finds himself attracted to the young Asian teen. It doesn't take long for him and the Asian teen to start having sex. At first it's kept a secret from his Granddaughter but she catches them by accident one day. She encourages the two to continue to have sex. She would join because she does find both her grandfather and her friend attractive, but she wants to wait until she is of legal age to have sex. That or until marriage. A couple weeks before his son comes home he finds out that he got the teen pregnant. She says that she is going to keep the baby. He then says that since she is of legal age he would like to marry her if she's willing. She was. Then once his son comes home he finds out a shocking secret about the young teen. She is the secret love child of either his Son or Daughter-in-law.

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