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New story i am writing and need some help


I am writing a new story and i need some info if anyone lived in Boston in the 1980's could you help me with apartment cost of that time. I am just in the starting phase of writing my story but i need someone who would know the info. I have been to Boston enough times on work but i need info on rentals at that time and don't want to ask the Boston globe or pay for the rentals section from that time.

Also if you are an editor and have info of Boston from the mid 80's to early 90's it would help my story i know i can just write what i want but i want it close to the real thing. This will be my first story under this pen name.

Thank you,


Capt. Zapp


Don't know if this will help since it isn't specifically for Boston.

I did a search for historical rent data.

Dominions Son


You could use the inflation calculator below to convert current rents to 1980 dollars. Unless it is critical to the plot, this should be close enough.

Harold Wilson

Also, Boston is like most major cities in that is has "trendy" and "high-rent" areas, as well as low-rent areas. You can pretty much write whatever you want, if you're willing to be a little ambiguous about where the neighborhood is located.

"We were just on the edge of the Green Hills development, one of the cookie-cutter developments that got half-built before the developer went bankrupt. As a result, or rent was surprisingly (low/high) for the area..."

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@Harold Wilson

" a result OUR rent was surprisingly..."

Crumbly Writer

I had friends living in that region at the time (I lived in New York City at the time), and I can honestly say, I have no clue what they paid in rent. Hell, I can't even remember what I paid in rent twenty years ago! (You'd need receipts to remember, and what one person pays often has no reference to what someone ten blocks away might pay.)

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