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Unknowing Incest


A young woman gets her first job. She was really excited about getting the job because the boss of the company was her biological father. The thing is he never known about her even being born. He and the mother had a thing for a while but then they parted ways. First day on the job she was really nervous and when the boss called her to his office she was scared that she was going to lose her job. She was prepared to do anything to keep the job even tell him that she was his daughter, and that was something her mother did not want her to do at any cost. She didn't end up telling him about their connection but he did end up asking her on a business meeting dinner between the two of them. She was excited that she wasn't getting fired so without thinking she accepted the invite. One thing led to another and the two of them end up having sex at a nice hotel. They have sex a few times and then one day she tells him she is pregnant. He did something that really surprised her, something she never would have expected. He proposed to her. She says yes. Later that day her mom picks her up from work because her car had died. He would have taken her home but he had a late meeting to go to. At the end of the day and before his meeting starts he leaves his office to say goodbye to her and is shocked to see the woman who is picking his lover up. It is his old lover. He makes sure the two women don't see him. But unknown to him after he turns around his daughter/lover sees him. After she talks to him on the phone she gets the feeling something is wrong and he might have actually figured out that she is his daughter, and that he might fire her and worse break up with her. She doesn't get much sleep that night. When she goes to work the next day she is prepared to lose her job or even quit and then lose her man. But when she sees her boss he is really loving. He asks her if she's willing to get married that weekend. She says yes again. She makes some excuse to her mother so she can get married in secret. Once she is in a beautiful wedding dress that her lover/father picked out and she's about to get married that's when she finds out that her father knows she's his daughter. Lucky for her she still wants to marry her. They get married that day. Maybe they're able to get married because he wasn't listed as her father on her birth certificate or he bribed the right people or in that state it is legal to marry a close relative as long as they didn't know they were related for a long time. After she gets married it is then that she worries what her mother will think. I believe she'll be fine. She may have even secretly been at the wedding.

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A very tricky situation you created and difficult to handle too here I suggest her biological father age may be around 38 or so because her mother got impregnated by this boy when he was in college say20 years and her mom was 16

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