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I am too busy with my current stories to pursue this idea, so I am throwing it out for anyone who is interested.


I recall reading in a DID story that the Powers That Be created their Damsel-Hero solution to aid Cassandrians. They did this by creating Crossroads and transferring people from Earth to Chaos; I seem to recall this happened during Earth's Middle Ages. There was also mention of Heroes taking on missions during the intervening period, but I don't recall reading stories of those missions.

Story Idea

Yeah, I telegraphed it. I would like to read a few stories of Hero's missions that occurred between the establishment of Chaos and the current stories which all seem to be set with the Heroes living in modern day Earth. It would provide authors with the opportunity to depict the evolution of life on Chaos.

With Lazlo's permission, these stories would also provide the authors with an opportunity to define the rules in place in the Middle Ages and show how those rules evolved into what Lazlo defined as the universe's rules for DID stories.

If you are not aware of it, Lazlo's original rules have evolved. Ernest Bywater has written a document that describes the DID history and provides an updated version to the rules. I understand that he is considering updating the document to reflect changes to his published rules.


I understand that DID authors have a group that sets the universe's canon, but know nothing about the group. If you are interested in writing stories in the period I indicated there are a number of issues that need to be taken under consideration, so I imagine you would need to contact Lazlo about your story. I have a few thoughts about problems that such a story would have to address and would be willing to share those thoughts via email with anyone who is interested.

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