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Impregnation Idea


This would be an idea right up my alley if somebody with some better ability would like to play with it.....

This is based on the idea that, in "Cali Conceives" Chris tells her that all the guys call her little Cali Creampie.


Cali goes with John for a little reunion of sorts with all of his frat brothers (and their wives/girlfriends). The day starts at the beach where all of the guys can't take their eyes of of Cali. Of course, she loves the attention and flirts with the guys. Needless to say, this pisses off all of the wives and girlfriends who proceed to treat Cali like shit for the rest of the day. This, of courses pisses Cali off.

Well, they end the day at the beach and go home to shower, change for a party at one of the frat brother's houses later that evening. So Cali tells John of her plan to get back at the women who were mean to her.

They show up to the party and Cali is wearing a little micro skirt (is she wearing panties, a thing or nothing, I don't know) as well as a top (is it tight to show the curves of her half tennis ball sizes tits and quarter sized nipples or is it loose fitting so all the men can look down her shirt at her braless tits every time she bends over...and she would often under those conditions).

Anyways, the guys can't help but look up her skirt or down her blouse every chance she gives them (and she gives them many chances) which pisses off the wives and girlfriends even more). All of this falls into Cali's plan.

Later in the evening, Cali and John retire to the couch, where they start making out. The other guys are really surprised to see John making out with the hottie. Eventually, he flips her skirt up. pulls down her panties (if she is wearing any), pulls his dick out and start to fuck her. The guys, of course, cheer him on as this happens. The other women, of course, are furious.

Soon, John says he is about to come, but Cali tells him not to as she is ovulating and doesn't want to get pregnant. John begs Cali to let him, but she squirms away from him off the couch and tells him know. The other women, sensing a chance to "punish" Cali for teasing their husbands and boyfriends, sieze the opportunity to make her pay by pinning her to the floor, spreading her legs and telling John to finish the job.

As John climbs back on top of her, one of the women grabs his cock and guides it back into her pussy, telling Cali that if she wants to tease the big boys she must fuck like big girl and take a load of sperm in her pussy.

John then fucks her as the girls encourage him to knock her up.

After he finishes, Calif want to go to the bathroom to wash the sperm from her cunt, but the girls decide to really punish her, by letting their boyfriends/husbands have a go at trying to knock her up as well. This, of course, fits right into "Little Cali Creampie's" plan. As her goal was to get a creampie from all of the guys while their girlfriends watched.

Calif pretends to not want it, saying "please don't come in me and make me pregnant" as all of the women cheer their men on to knock her up. Cali and John, of course, are laughing on the inside, because they know that Cali got her revenge--and her creampies--right under the noses of the women who treated her so poorly.

For me, the concept of this is great. I don't have much style or gift for dialog, but I really think could make this a great story idea. I think it would be hot with the right touch.

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