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Story set in the continent of Africa then branches out

Mek Tha God

i hve an idea of a story set in either South Africa, Zimbabwe, Tanzania then branch out towards Europe & the US. A bit like " The Journey"storyline

Replies:   Geek of Ages
Geek of Ages

@Mek Tha God

What's the idea? Places make for interesting backdrops, but don't make for a readable plot or engaging characters.

Replies:   Mek Tha God

Have a look at

The real base started in Kenya and moved to the Central African Republic. Where I'm up to at present there are over 50 countries involved. Warning; it is l o n g

Replies:   Capt. Zapp
Capt. Zapp


Warning; it is l o n g

It may be L O N G but it is well worth the read.

Replies:   Jim S  sejintenej
Jim S

@Capt. Zapp

I second that emotion. Magestic is one of the best stories currently posted on SOL. As is K2, the author's other offering. Although I did have to purchase the final chapters from his website.


@Capt. Zapp

It may be L O N G but it is well worth the read.

Agreed totally.

I see that I read it and sent a message to the author in 2014! (Very civil reply). There are a lot of training elements in the story which were standard for the UK Civil Defence during the cold war even in the late 1950s.

Mek Tha God

@Geek of Ages

Characters are based from a few, celebrity figures and has political implications included. The overthrowing if Mugabe has to be there. It will take some elements from G younger's Supid boy series and so on. I have written up a rough draft.

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