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Do-Over Plot Twist


This is a plot twist on the typical do-over where the MC goes back in time to correct some terrible thing he/she did in the past.
The main problem here is there appears to be no way to undo the terrible deed that doesn't result in the death of the protagonist.
Feelings of guilt overcome self preservation and the attempt is made with the knowledge that this is most likely a suicide mission.


So, is that then a Time-Travel-Paradox story or a doover?

In my Opinion, DoOvers are stories where:
- the MC succeeds in what he wanted to change (either after he suddenly finds himself in a doover or deliberate timetravel)
- the MC lives another life, different from the years he experienced in his first life.

Replies:   garymrssn


So, is that then a Time-Travel-Paradox story or a doover?

Definitely a do-over. The MC goes back and relives his life in an attempt to prevent the mistakes of the first time through. The twist is the MC goes back knowing that what he must do to change the outcome means he probably wont survive changing his time-line.

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