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The Land of Re


A fellow student invented this mythical nation many years ago. It came from studying Reduction/Oxidation Equations, Redox for short. We talked about what cargos would be delivered to the Re docks.

I invented the major political parties of the land of Re. The RePublican Party is made up of small businessmen like tavern owners (publicans) who resist all government regulation, except things like liquor licensing laws that help protect their business. The ReDickulous party is more Liberal, combining Populists, the populous (the last five letters of the name, maybe they can't spell) and the Gay, Lesbian, Transgendered etc. group, and anti-censorship film makers (pornographers) who are concerned about (not) regulating how dicks are used. That's where the Dick part of the party name comes from. Don't Ask, Don't Care.

There are other issues. Circuit Breakers are unpopular because manufacturers want you to use ReFuses. You can't rent an apartment or house month to month, you need to get a ReLease. Electricity is provided by ReMains. There is a minority population although it is not politically correct to call them ReNege. One of the popular meats is ReVeal. Another popular computer site is ReFine Stories.

So, we need more ReWording and some way to pull this mess into a story. Suggestions and newer Re concepts welcome. Just don't ReBuke me.

Replies:   Dominions Son
Dominions Son


Investment Group: ReFunds.

Dissident group unhappy with ReMains rates: ReVolt

Popular night spot: ReBar

Replies:   Crumbly Writer
Crumbly Writer

@Dominions Son

Popular night spot: ReBar

I know a lot of gay guys who'd flock to a bar like that! (flock=RePare)

Ernest Bywater

Go to the library and grab their door-stopper sized dictionary and look in the section re for ideas.


There are some Re authors, even here on SOL. (Refusenik scipio) Or is that two?

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