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Mind Reading and Politics


Someone brings a mind reader to a political function but nobody informed the candidate that there was a mind reader in the audience.

After I came up with this idea, a bunch of questions occurred to me.

Is mind reading a new or old thing in this reality?

Is the mind reader a novice or experienced?

Does the mind reader have some legal or professional certification?

What's the agenda, if any, of the person who brought the mind reader?

What is the legal status of mind readers?

Those are just a few of the questions that came to mind and that is one of the reasons I don't write stories. I get bogged down in details before I can write the first paragraph. So, if that short scene strikes your muse, feel free to take it in any direction you choose.

Geek of Ages


The TV series Babylon 5 touches on this a fair amount.

Also, "you let a telepath read the minds of political leaders" is an inviting motive in the movie Serenity (from the TV show Firefly).

awnlee jawking


This scenario was touched upon by Thornfoote's Linda's World stories.

What would a mindreader make of Donald Trump, whose brain appears to lack persistent data storage? (Sorry, couldn't resist)



A good horror scenario would be to set a story in our present world and have everyone on earth suddenly have the ability to read each others mind. I could see that as a near extinction event.

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