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I posted on the forum site about how my younger sister turned me on to these stoy sites. Soon it turned fantasy into reality.
Someone suggested that I write our own story. Problem is I'm not a very good writer with grammar and everything.
Anyone willing to do this story.

Replies:   Switch Blayde
Switch Blayde


Unless you want it to be a stroke story, you'll need to decide what the story is about. Like what's the conflict? An attraction to each other you tried to avoid but caved in? The danger of being caught? Something to make it a story.

Ernest Bywater

I suggest you write the story, then ask for help editing it to smooth and polish it for publication. You know what you want to say, and by the time you set that down, then you have the basic story. It may well end up you just need editorial help, or it may end up once you have the basics you get a co-author to add to it and polish it for you.

Ross at Play

I may be interested. I won't explain why here, but would appreciate you contacting me by email at

Replies:   Joe Long
Joe Long

@Ross at Play

I was was the one who made the suggestion, as I have a preference for incest stories and I find your situation quite, uh, stimulating.

Ross is a good editor who I've done some collaboration with. If you don't feel capable of writing a well developed story, why don't you simply write down what really happened, blow by blow, and let us weave it into a piece of literature that you can review and approve and we can all enjoy.

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