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Brother and sister filmed incest


I have an idea for a story. Let me know if there are any already on this site that are like it. A teen in his senior year of high school or early college life is being teased for being a virgin. Nobody believes him that he's not (although he really is, probably) so to prove he's not a virgin he talks his sister into shooting a video and taking pictures of the two of them having sex. He edits the video so nobody can tell they are siblings. Then one day the sister turns up pregnant. She doesn't tell anyone besides her brother who the father is. She gets teased and picked on by some people around town. Then one day her parents or someone finds the unedited video and they find out who the father of the baby is,

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Its difficult to think of a happy ending for this story.

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Dominions Son


Its difficult to think of a happy ending for this story.

It's fiction, you can make the parents understanding. :)


The parents find the video. They release a massive sigh of relief, as now they can reveal that they themselves are siblings, and that they come a long established incestuous family. Happy ending the latest sibling couple are welcomed into the family proper with open arms, and spread legs.

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Didn't say it had to have a happy ending. They could be disowned by there parents or one parent could be okay with it and the other not and the parents could divorce. Or the parents could force the kids into therapy. Or any negative ending or it could be a happy ending.



there should be no regrets to this as brother and sister used to do things like that and pregnancy is also a welcome thing in parental history to get first pregnacy from brother i.e. big brother the father of teen age sister's it is so much loving than to get angry with them for a parent that their childeren especially teen daughter know the sex this way i think a little sister is happy to have a child like this from family so in future her child will get loving attention from his or her biological father too

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Best idea is we are in a compromising society now thay somehow opposite sex attract there is no wrong if a well hung brother attracted to very young sister at home and tgey made love and by mistake camera records them each step of there lovemaking coercing of teen sister and later on mom finds her lovely daughter is pregnent she knew who is real father but not let it knew to others and sent her dauggter to deliver that child at far place there girl got married and gives birth to her child which is her brother love both parents love her because her husbands family experienced same thing in the past and he is the result of such bonding but later on there girl goes to a boarding school where her biological father is a teacher she and he feel a high level of attraction to each other unknown to them why they feel love affection to each other its soo much aytraction they start dating each othrr teacher is 40 now and girl is16 and he is wellendiwed for sexual may say plus nine inches girl so much in love that she offer her lovely fresh body to this teacher for full one year they love and full of sex between them then suddenly teacher met the mother of that girl and found that she is his real sister ohh god what have he done but sister later sees them compromiseing hugs and came to knew that her daughter id actually loving her real father unknowingly she asked her mother to marry her teacher mother got faint hearing this and later on her daughter told she is pregnent from her beloved teacher can it be happiest ending ?

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