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African Drums


The opening scene shows a BBC arriving at the home of a typical middle class white couple who also have two young daughters. He's there to begin introducing the wife and her two daughters to their new life and to also insure that the husband has had become fully committed to having his two daughters and his wife impregnated by a superior black male.

The family members are just the latest of many in their largely white neighborhood to have fallen under the spell to a cellphone application which employs a combination of subtle psychological conditioning techniques and explicit visual images which the
family had been convinced to check out by other family and friends, all of whom had already fallen prey to this insidious life altering programming.

'Jungle Drums,' a smart phone application ostensibly designed to introduce users to native African music and tribal rituals. The actual purpose of this application is to open the minds of all who view it to the belief that black males are the superior choice when it comes to breeding. Females exposed to this application are treated initially to mind altering rhythmic musical interludes mixed with increasingly explicit images of well hung black males pleasuring white females. The pace at which this exposure occurs is driven by subtle responses to seemingly random text messages, which appear on their phones. in fact these random messages are all part of a highly sophisticated conditioning. Only when the viewer finally unlocks the applications highest level phase are they shown much longer explicit scenes of interracial activity, including scenes showing their own close friends and family members being ' bred.

For the males who install the application, the entire process is totally different. Their programing is all geared to convincing them that they are inferior breeders, compared to black males. As they advance from one level of the reprogramming to the next they're rewarded with increasingly lengthy
views of white wives and daughters engaged sexually with well hung black males. Often the scenes include husbands and fathers assisting the black males in the breeding process, either by servicing their females, or by orally preparing the bull prior to helping guide their massive cocks into the waiting females.

Only when all members of the family have reached the proper degree of conditioning does the application
send an alert to dispatch a bull to complete the family's complete conversion. Subsequent visits by one or more black bulls follow to insure the gene transfer is successful. Along the way films of the family members are also collected for use during the next phase during which the family reaches out to other as yet unexposed family and friends, in order to convince them to download and enjoy the application.

"African Drums" is envisioned to be a multi-part story which captures the readers attention, as well as a desire for more.

I'll be happy to assist whoever elect to undertake this project. For more details please contact me c/o Julie_van01@yahoo dot com.

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