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Loose lips sink ships


There is a great truth in that saying as I know first hand. Fun part is it doesn't always relate to war time or naval actions.

An example from my own past:

A man pulled a kitchen knife (chef's) or what we called a butcher knife then on me.

I was empty handed without any kind of weapon.

Police were called by witnesses.

Police were going to arrest me because of my past history in regards to legal defense actions.

They let the man go with out any more than a verbal warning. Told me I would be arrested if any thing what so ever happened to the man.

I knew the man received a large check once a month from an insurance claim. I knew where he cashed that check and his routine afterwards.

A few days later I got drunker than all heck and went into a bar where the bad crowd hung out (there is one in every port town), you know the place even police only go into with shotguns in hand.

Some how while I was drunk and drinking in that bar I gave out the man's information on that check and his routine.

The next time he received a check I was in a restaurant having coffee, reading a book and greeting the cops who warned me about any thing happening to the man.

Funny part is the man was robbed and beaten very badly. I had a perfect alibi I could not have done the crime (the nice cops).

Cops figured out exactly what I did and cussed me out. I just said it was their own fault.

Its funny how many variations on that theme are possible.

I should add the fact that the cops would have to prove I was sober and not drunk.
The only evidence was eyewitness testimony to the drunk part.
They could prove a motive but had no evidence to prove the sober (premeditated) part.
That is why I laughed at them.

We all knew the answer but they had no evidence that would stand up in court. Reason I can safely mention it now is the statute of limitations has definitely run out on that case.

Revenge can be so sweet at times.

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Crumbly Writer


I always liked the alliterative, "Loose Lips Sink Hips!"

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@Crumbly Writer

In one way it was funny, in another way it was also an example of my using applied psychology in the worst way possible. I used it to cause harm to someone else. The thing I always tried not to do, so it was a major failure on my part.


I gather you're not familiar with the unwritten law that generally applies in every culture, everywhere.

Don't piss off the cops, at some point somewhere down the line they'll see to it that you regret it. And they have impunities you don't.

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I know that one as well. There are a few facts I left out on purpose. But even cops can understand my motives and respect how I went about it. If the cops had done their job in first place he would have gone to jail for pulling a deadly weapon. Instead they let him go freely after threatening to put me in jail for his actions.

Funniest part was those same cops a few months later came to me for help in finding a runaway teenager. None of their contacts or methods were finding a single clue as to the whereabouts of the kid. They came to me asking me to find the kid. I found the kid in less than 6 hours. I also found out why the kid had runaway. Had the kid call the cops from a pay phone.

At another time I would have gone about it very differently and pleaded self-defense in court.


Funny thing about that period in my life. I actually had two different reputations at the same time which giving how opposite they were even surprised me. One was for being willing to help anyone who needed it regardless of who they were.

The other posts here give an indication of the other reputation I had at the same time. I earned both of them however it seemed even without wanting any rep at all. Its funny how you get reps when you don't want them.



Don't piss off the cops, at some point somewhere down the line they'll see to it that you regret it. And they have impunities you don't.

I know very well about those impunities. The main one is that the same laws that apply to us, do not apply to them. Including acts of pedophilia or child rape. I know that first hand. A cop in the Atlanta PD was finally caught in the act of raping a young girl. Considering she was under 12 years old I call it rape. The so honest good cops who caught him punished him real well. He was forced into early retirement and treated as all retired cops. His records were sealed. No court case at all, never even got charged with the crime. Very HONEST COPS. Why would one of his victims ever trust them again?

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