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Long lost father daughter


A guy became a father at a young age. But the mother moved away and took the daughter with her. It hurt the guy because he had grown to love his daughter. Many years later the guy has found a new woman he cares about. He met her online and got to know one another for about six months to a year before meeting. Finally one day they have sex but she keeps her top on. In their emails and posts to one another she had never shown her completely nude body to him. the closest was her in only a top that showed a little bit of skin. One day in their emails or instant messages she says she has something important to tell him. He says he'll let her tell him if she shows him her fully nude body. She says okay but she wants to meet him the next day. She sends him a nude pic of her with the message that she was always embarrassed by her birth mark on her left breast. He is shocked. He also doesn't reply for a while then he says he'll see her tomorrow. When they meet she says she was worried because he took so long to reply. He asks her if the name she gave him was her real name. She insists that it is her real name. He then asks if she had ever heard of and says a name he hadn't said allowed in a long time. She stays frozen for a moment and asks how he knew her birth name. He says that he had a daughter he hadn't seen in a long time and she had the same birthmark in the exact same spot. He asks his friend/lover if she had known that he was her father before they had sex. She hadn't known until he brought the info to her attention. She says that since they met online and had been talking and been together she has grown to love him, and that love had only grown since she learned she was carrying his child. They stay close but it isn't until his daughter gives birth that he asks her to marry him. He knows that he wasn't put on her birth certificate and he could pull some strings and they could legally get married if nobody found out they were father and daughter. She says yes.


Lubrican has a very good story on SOL called "Best $1,000 I Ever Spent" That is similar to some of those aspects you mentioned.

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