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Grandfather's baby


Hi. I was thinking of a story that involved a young woman anywhere from age 18 to 22. One day she is caught having sex with her Grandfather. She is accused of having sex with him to get a bigger inheritance, but the family isn't really angry with her but more disappointed. They still have a loving family relationship but it is awkward from time to time. It's not until her Grandfather is supposedly close to death that she talks to either her Dad or Mother and tells the true reason she did what she did with her Grandfather. All her life she's lived with the knowledge that her father had always wished he had been able to have a sibling that and because she spent each summer with him since she was a kid she fell in love with her Grandfather, so the girl decided to give her father a sibling before it was too late. After the confession things get a little better between the family. But the thing that pulls them even closer together is when they think the Grandpa is about to die and the girl tells her family that she is in fact pregnant with twins. After everyone accepts the fact that they are going to lose such an important part of their family a doctor comes to talk to them. They are told that the Grandfather is going to make it.

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