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Gun Control Story (danger: somewhat Political)


Its in today's newspaper and all over the internet news I look at. The Irish President O'Bama thinks terrorism and gun violence are comparable.

Someone should take advantage of the topicalness (spell check doesn't think that is a word) of gun control and write a story about how it is done, or how it doesn't work, or possibly on how the future makes getting and keeping and having guns available when needed harder. Or not, perhaps a story on how vital having weapons around is or will be. Maybe everybody changes to swords when they can't get guns?

My theory is they don't need to control guns or who owns them. They need to control ammunition. They used to say guns don't kill people, people kill people. And justify getting guns like getting cars by requiring a license or permit or some other government issued paper, that needs money to the government be paid. Or possibly a bribe.

Guns don't kill people, unless you bayonet them. Bullets kill people. If you could only buy bullets at approved establishments, like liquor (or pot in Washington, Colorado, and now Portland, Oregon.)

How do we establish which establishments? There might be a story in that question.

I also want to mention the rhyming phrase I heard in the Army many years ago. "This is my rifle, that is my gun. One is a weapon, the other for fun." Unless you are in the Artillery where guns have very large caliber, its not a good idea to talk about your gun, unless you plan on using it on a female friend. I am not sure about the Navy, where one of the ranks/positions was gunner's mate. There might be a story about that title as well, if they put entertainers (female) on ships (spaceships?) so their gunners could mate.

Replies:   Ernest Bywater
Ernest Bywater


History shows us two major leaders who were really strong on gun control - Adolph Hitler and Joseph Stalin. In the European countries where they had strict records on who owned guns the Germans were quick to disarm them, in the ones that didn't have good records the resistance movement was quick to fight back.

A couple of decades ago we went from reasonable levels of gun control to a totally disarmed civilian population. The only changes that made was the crimes now use military grade weapons because the costs and prison time are the almost same for a single shot rifle as a combat rifle, and no one has the capability to protect themselves from the crimes or anyone organising an armed take over of the country.

Replies:   richardshagrin

@Ernest Bywater

The USA has a constitutional issue controlling arms (no, not the upper limbs of primates) although it is phrased something about a well regulated militia being necessary. I think the theory is that all adults are part of an unorganized militia. I will leave all that to the lawyers, who make a living parsing out issues like that. If we don't care how many rifles, pistols or other weapons you have (atomic bombs might be a little much), but you need to get your ammunition from government approved sources, and they might not let you buy stuff that fits a 50 caliber machine gun. Or charge an arm and a leg for it. And if they find you have unapproved ammunition you get big fines or go to jail. To control bootlegging ammo. It might not help much immediately, but ammo gets shot off and deteriorates over time. It might make an interesting story, even if it doesn't stop suicide shooters killing students. Of course control of explosives hasn't been all that effective...

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