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Coerced Female Doctor


young male teenager tricks Female Dr. into touching him inappropriately while conducting a physical examination and records the event; the resultant blackmail opportunities evolve in several coerced situations for the helpless Dr.; the teenagers suspicious friends discover the relationship and decide to take advantage of the situation by making the reluctant Dr. do many more crude and exhibitionist acts

Joe Long

True story.

Had a bad toothache and made an emergency visit to a local dentist office that I'd never been to before. I was led into a room where I was introduced to a lovely young female dentist, Penelope, and her female assistant.

Penelope decided to remove the offending tooth but told her assistant that she wasn't needed and could leave the room. The good doctor took an inordinate amount of time to get that tooth out, and the whole time she was shoving those pliers in my mouth she was leaning over my face, grinding her tit into my cheek.

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