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Life is War = War is Life.


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@Crumbly Writer

at least i don't know of any Zen wars

This immediately made me think of The Prince by Niccolò Machiavelli but when I looked him up I discovered that he also wrote a book called "The Art of War. I have not read this letter but it seems to cover the same ground as Sun Tzu.

My interest was because Sun Tzu's treatise, although about war, also can be carried over into personal life and this is what The Prince is about. Macciavelli is said to have carried ideas from The Prince into his The Art of War.

So, a story about someone who takes the ideas from Sun Tzu or Macciavelli into his/her life? Could be Terran or scifi


Waiting on the Machiavelli, waiting for the Robert E. Lee.

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Crumbly Writer


Waiting on the Machiavelli, waiting for the Robert E. Lee.

Most decent war autobiographies (typically written by veteran generals) resound with the public because the authors reflect on how the war impacts on life. As in most story themes, these make stories work because they provide a handle which allow readers to relate the story to their own lives.

It's also not uncommon for many war stories to switch over to pleas for men to turn inward and away from armed conflict (i.e. more towards a zen-like existence) as an answer to the conflicts they engaged in.

In other words, these stories are more often, and more effective, if written by reformed soldiers than by Zen masters. So if anyone's interested, a background spent wrestling with the ravages of war would help.

Ross at Play

I admired the wisdom in Machiavelli's The Prince. It's mot about war at all; it's about the art of good governance, so that someone who has taken power of a principality in uncertain times can navigate a path in between tossed out by a rebellion of the masses, assassinated by dissatisfied nobles, and invaded by powerful neighbours.

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