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Fuck Camp

Ross at Play

I posted a very short story called You're Sending Me to Fuck Camp?

The premise a summer camp where rich mothers send their young daughters to further their education in fucking: that is what girls need nowadays if they're going to land a good husband and keep him satisfied.

Several readers have suggested some sort of sequel.

It seems like a good idea for a stroke story, but I won't be writing that. I'm only really interested in writing for humour, and I've exploited the idea for as much humour as I can already. Others are welcome to take the idea further if they want to.

Replies:   sharkjcw  StaticBat83

@Ross at Play

thought daughter's reaction to mom admitting going was great. Enjoyed it very much.


@Ross at Play

Good story I really would like to see a sequel done. Even if a different author has to do it. But it would be coolest if you did it.

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