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Snake girl


In a world where humans are able to keep half human half snake people as pets or companions there is a snake girl who has been able to keep away from the human world. Until one day she sees a beautiful human in a body of water and taking a shower in a waterfall. She becomes so enamored with the human. She doesn't pay attention to what she's doing and is spotted by the human. Eventually the two fall in love. The human is able take the snake girl home and introduce her to her family. But they have to keep their relationship a secret. The family doesn't believe in either lesbian relationships or cross species relationships or at least falling in love that soon after meeting. The snake people at least the females have to mate and breed at least once in their lives whether or not they're interested in the same gender or not. And the snake girl hadn't had to do that yet and wasn't expecting she'd ever have to. But on this trip she feels the call to breed. I was thinking that the human and the snake girl could end up together and raise the baby or babies together and have the family surprises but eventually accept the relationship.

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