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This lady and her boyfriend were getting ready to break up. They still liked one another but they just didn't feel the spark a true relationship needed. They wanted to have one more sexual fantasy taken care of before they broke up. She asked him to arrange a bondage situation. One that she could easily get out of if she were to change her mind. She also didn't want to know who the guys were during the sex. And she didn't want the guys to know who she was either. It turns out that he told the guys that the girl was his sister or an old friend or something. After the sex was over with she finds a note that apologizes that the now ex-boyfriend had to leave without saying goodbye. He promises that they'll see one another again soon though. He also said that he'll send pictures and a video of her sex later. When she gets the pics and videos she finds out that the guys she had sex with were her family members. by that point she had already been craving sex with them and got her ex's email so she could arrange another get together with the guys she had sex with before. She does that a few times and eventually gets pregnant.

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