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There is a man who is very famous for his hypnotism acts. He is thin and not much muscle to him. In many ways he is different and people wouldn't think he'd be very popular with the ladies. He's not bad looking, in fact if he were to put on some muscles and dress differently and change his hair and stuff people would think he'd be good looking. He just seems weird. So people are surprised when they find out he is married to a very beautiful young woman. They begin to believe he hypnotized her into marrying him. They even take her and introduce her to different Hypnotist to break the spell. They are even more surprised to find out that she truly does love the man and not tricks were involved in her falling for him. Some weird things may happen to her before they find that out though. But in the end there is a happy ending. The man and woman stay together and live happily together. Maybe with a few "special" friends.

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