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A woman got pregnant at a young age. Once the guy found out she was pregnant with twins he ran off. Years later the mother started a sexual relationship with her son. She also suspected her daughter was sexually active. One day the daughter confirms she is sexually active and pregnant. The daughter introduces her lover. It's an older man and when the mother meets the man the mother finds out the older lover was the man who had gotten her pregnant years ago. Mother is pregnant from her son and the daughter is pregnant from her father. The mother talks with her former lover. He admits that he has felt guilty for leaving her alone and has wished he could take it back at times. He also says that he is finally willing and ready to settle down and he wants to do that with their daughter. He wants to raise the child or children that is growing in her belly. The mother and her former lover finally have peace between them and agree that he can be with their daughter. But they want to keep it a secret for a while that he is also her father.

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good cpncept

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Thanks. I'd love to see this done.

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