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High School Running


Before his senior year in high school a guy decides to start running before and after school each day. On one of the runs he usually sees a beautiful young girl. He doesn't know her but there is something familiar about her. They talk a little from time to time. Okay he does most of the talking. Part way through the school year he needs help in one of his classes. He gets help from this nerdy girl with glasses and who tries keep her face and figure hidden. This is done by thick glasses and hair over parts of her face. and really baggy clothes. She doesn't do much talking besides when she helps him figure things out for his class. One day on one of his runs he meets up with the running girl and one thing leads to another and they end up having sex. The girl who helps him ends up opening up a little bit until she over hears him telling a friend that he had sex with a beautiful young woman and he doesn't even know her name. He does become closer to the girl helping him with his class but the running girl stops showing up. After the graduation party that was for just the graduates is over the nerd girl asks for a ride home because her car died. When she gets ready to leave the car she breaks down crying. She tells him that she was pregnant and she's worried what her parents will think. He remembers that her parents aren't there at the moment and because his parents aren't either and he doesn't want to be alone and he thinks she needs company and moral support he offers to stay with her until her parents are home. At her house he finds a running outfit. It's the one he saw the running girl in when he lost his virginity to her. She finds him with the outfit and she moves her hair out of the way and removes her glasses. He realizes that the nerd girl he had become really good friends with was the running girl he had fallen in love with. Which kind of fits. He had also realized he had also fallen in love with her and he was feeling guilty for loving her more or equally to the running girl.

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