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Truck Stop


A guy has been a trucker for many years. And he's had many surprises happen in that time. But none so surprising as finding a girl in his truck one day and laying in the bed in his rig. She acts all embarrassed and to help talk him out of calling the cops on her or causing her trouble she talks him into sex. They have a great time. And exchange info. They keep in contact for a while and even meet up and hook up from time to time. After about a year or half that time she reveals some secrets. One she didn't run into him by accident, two she is pregnant with his child, and they have a connection, her mother. The mother could either be an ex-girlfriend and he's her father, or the mother could be an old friend and the mother regretted never getting in touch with him and sleeping with him before she died, or the mother is his long lost or estranged sister.

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