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Lesbian Betrayal


There is a young woman who was in love with another woman. They were a couple for a couple years. Then one day the main girl finds her lover in the arms of a man. It took a while for her to forgive her lover. Then one day the main girl is getting ready to have some kinky sex with her girlfriend. She is tied up and gagged. The next thing she knows is the man who had been having sex with her girlfriend is now having sex with her. After the main girl is untied she moves away. A few years later they run into one another and the ex is surprised to find out the main girl has a twin children. The ex asks if she was so against having sex with a guy and she hated everything to do with it why not abort or at least put the baby up for adoption. The main girl says she had thought of both options but her parents had forbidden her from doing either.

Another idea could be that there was no betrayal at all. The main girl was going to be moving and she hand known that her girlfriend was bisexual and had been letting her have sex with a guy all along. And before she left the two girls set it up to have the main girl have sex the guy her lover was doing it with and the betrayal was just sex play. Maybe the guy knew about the acting and maybe he didn't. I still say the girl got pregnant. And once they got reunited they get married.

Replies:   EzzyB
Crumbly Writer

Wow! Story squicks all over the place. Betrayal, abortion, rape, abandonment, unhappy endings. True, there is a small contingent of rape-fantasy enthusiasts and 'accidental pregnancy' fans, but you're not talking a popular story. I'd suggest a variant on the story with a more happy, less-depressing ending.

I'm developing a story about a couple where the girlfriend suddenly reveals her ex is coming to visit, only she never mentioned she used to be a lesbian. No rape or pregnancies, though there are a few twists and group scenes. It also has a romantic ending.

It's okay having a couple squicks, but you want to offer readers something, rather than repeatedly hitting them over the head with the same downer themes.


The story could have a happy ending it doesn't really matter.



What you almost never see are lesbian stories when one woman betrays her lover for another woman.



Interesting idea.

awnlee jawking


What you almost never see are lesbian stories when one woman betrays her lover for another woman.

Perhaps because the lesbian betrayal stories are written mostly by men? After all, what lesbian could resist a REAL man with a hard cock ;)


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