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I Married A Shape Changer


Is there such a thing as a NEW story idea. We all work with the same alphabets and colors, it's just how you arrange and mix them.
So it is more about the tropes and themes I like and would like to see more of.
Married a shape changer like Mystique or T-1000 Terminator. the possibilities are endless.
Boy genius and his fembot. built from recycled salvaged parts maybe including alien ET technology.
Coming of Age in a SF/Fantasy bordello like Callahans Lady by Spider Robinson. or growing up in the Playboy Mansion during its Golden age.
Tropes, the good samaritin, Jason Bourne, My Favorite Martian. in any setting or genre. Rescue someone with a mystery past or purpose.
There is an actual book The Sex Lives of Famous People thru history would make good reference materieal for an immortal prostitute
a school coming of age story that does NOT have them becoming star athletes
to be continued

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