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His Girly Costume Change


A young man was planning to go to a costume party. But he wanted a costume that nobody would expect him to have. Something that could win the contest. He finds this new costume shop and tells the owner what he is wanting. The young man is surprised by what the owner shows him. He is shown a book of costumes. Of full body women costumes. He didn't like the idea at first but is talked into at least looking through the book. He asks if there are costumes that would make him look like a woman with really big boobs. The owner smirks and shows him a book she gets from the back. He picks out a costume that shows plenty of cleavage. The owner also tells him that this costume has special features. He is not to wear clothing under this costume. If someone were to touch the boobs, butt, and pussy on this suit the person in the suit there are sensors in the suit that would send sensations to the person inside so it would feel it as if they were touching him directly. Also the suit is not meant to be worn more than five hours. If it was needed to be worn more than that it is recommended to take the suit off for at least two minutes but thirty minutes preferably. If they didn't do that and the suit was worn too long it would be bad. First signs would be the person in the suit would become a little confused and show more girlish tendencies and then even become cock hungry. The guy just laughs it off and gets the suit without hearing the rest of the warnings about the suit. It goes without saying that the guy or some other guy wears the suit too long and it is found out he has become a real woman. And possibly even kind of a slut.

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