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Naked in School


Is there a story out there that covers the beginning of the Naked In School program? Or at least what year the program started in the universe. Not when the first story was written but in the stories itself.


Not sure if the answers your question but this is the story that started the "Naked in School" universe.

The story itself-

The naked in school universe-

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Thanks. I'll check those out.


The very first NiS story was by Karen Wagner posted to Usenet in June 2001 going by the NiS archive e-Mail header details.

The MC, also named "Karen Wagner" had parents who were identified as having participated/came of age in "The sexual revolution" of the pre-AIDS scare. Beyond that, no other specific details as to date/time exist. Lack of characters with camera cell-phones would tend to likewise place the story in the year 2000 or earlier. However, it presupposes some other advanced medical tech having been developed. Cures for STDs, reliable long term birth control with few/no side effects, etc. As well as some other social shifts.

There have since been NiS stories set in space stations(where it was fairly new to the inhabitants at least), as well as in more contemporary settings where their birth control is as reliable as ours is, and STDs may still be out and about. Ranging from current contagion levels to vaccines existing, but no cures for those already infected.

There has even been a NiS story set in the 1950's or thereabouts. So maintaining continuity with other authors is fully optional.

You need only generate a backstory sufficient to make having the Naked in School Program exist, and have it either already present, or being introduced to the school you're setting your story in.

Most authors use previous stories as a "grab bag" for ideas to implement in their own unique combination. Some will try to maintain some degree of continuity with other stories, but with their own unique twists added in. Basically their story's setting takes precedence, even over anything they may make references to.

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