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Damsels in Distress


Enforcer type crim, more brain cells than the average thug. Worked with the groups trying to invade Chaos but stayed Earth side. Saw the ship sinking and walked away (before the heros shut everything down) after gaining enough info to work with.

Did his research and hoped a flight to another country. Used a fake id or some other plausible mechination to gain access to a ring and portal. Became a bouncer as a day job because the irony made him laugh. Got access to Crossroad while the system was still broken and has been having fun pounding on tough guys and getting grade A flesh while not having to worry about johny law.

Can finish it with:
- system locking him out when it is repaired.
-system trapping him on crossroads when it is repaired.
- or something else.

Or things continue because he is using a legit portal and gained the whole caretaker package.

the powers that be allowed multiple heros to be working together for the slaver war which would have meant control measures would have been deactivted or modified, on top of the systems effected by the other bad guys during the slaver wars.

Different location on chaos keeps him out the slaver war and most of by he other stories.
Criminal past gives him street smarts on bending rules without breaking them.
Enforcer work gives him actual combat skills without resorting to martial arts and allows knowledge of dirty tricks.
System is broken so he can get away with somethings until he gains more skills/experience or use presedence as his get out of jail free card and then he has to act right.

Physical deformity by injury or defect in his past gets wiped away by chamber and gives him a pseudo new identity for earth side story twist if you bring in his old associates.

Meh i suck at making things flow smoothly.

Ernest Bywater

First of all - In Shiloh there's a group that was associated with the bad guys that pulled out before it caved in - so some of them could be involved. Plus there are people who were employed to look after the Earth end of the bad guy's portal who must know part of the story.

In the Chaos Calls stories there's a large number of lower level bad guys know the system, and some of them are already loose on Chaos - some trapped there.

Secondly, in General Sid where they fight the Slaver War it's made clear the Heroes did not work together at all, they got around that by having them work separately but co-ordinated their efforts to the same end aim.


The system was never turned off or disabled, the bad guys by-passed the system with high level inside help.

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@Ernest Bywater

Guess that means that if someone does use the idea, they should include your points in the story board ☺

Replies:   Ernest Bywater
Ernest Bywater


Guess that means that if someone does use the idea, they should include your points in the story board

That's really up to them if they do or don't, but best if they do. There's no regulation or moderation of the DiD stories beyond what's needed for the story sites.

During the writing of Shiloh The Scot exchanged emails with Lazlo and got approval to add to the history of the Universe, and part of that was picked up by Lazlo in one of his stories as well. When I wrote the Chaos Calls stories I introduced some summaries which I got Lazlo's approval for before publishing, and when I took over Shiloh I introduced some changes which I got approval from Lazlo for before posting.

Also, there have been a few stories written in the Universe that have components that don't follow the rules laid out by Lazlo. However, stories that fit in with existing stories and follow the rules provided in Lazlo's stories, plus the changes he's approved, are preferred and will likely get a better reception from the readers.

A few years back I had a couple of authors ask me what the rules for the DiD Universe were, and I prepared a summary of the situation of them as they were then, based on what was in the stories posted by Lazlo along with the changes approved by Lazlo. I prepared a document on these and posted it at SoL and FS so anyone reading the series or writing in the series had a ready reference of the background. That is available at:

Beyond those Established Rules there's an open field on what anyone can write in the DiD Universe. Although it's best to keep within the guidelines provided and it helps readers if you can link in with other existing stories in some way.

One example of how you can add to and expand the universe is where Lazlo mentioned, in one story, about heroes being refused to go on a mission because they were planning to kill a dragon and that was forbidden. I picked up on that and wrote Dragon Dilemma where I expanded on what was provided and explained the dragons. In another story another author has expanded on pixies and fairies by including them in his story, while another author has written about events on islands off the coast of the mainland. There's lots of room to work with, and the concept mentioned in the original post can easily be presented within that space.

edit to add second half of first sentence.

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