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There is a young woman of some kind of importance in her country. One day she is kidnapped and the people try to make her give them secrets and when that doesn't work they decide to make her their sex slave. They do something to mess with her mind. They have her give blow jobs, have other women eat out her pussy and she has to eat their pussies out to. And they play with her body in different ways. She is still trying to fight the effects of what they did to her mind and body when they start anal sex. Then one day she is saved by her people including her brother. For a couple weeks she seems normal despite the weird sex dreams. She starts to have sexual cravings. She passes out one day while she is nude. Her childhood friend finds her and she tries to have sex with him. All she gets done is some kissing and places her lips and tongue on the tip of his cock before he breaks away from her. After thinking about it for a long time he tells her brother but not her father. The brother goes to talk to her and somehow ends up having sex with her. Turns out she had been in the process of being conditioned to be the sex slave of the enemy and because the process was stopped before completion she is now only interested in having sex with her brother. She is still interested in giving blow jobs to others she would even give anal sex to others but she only shares her pussy with her brother. She tries to hide her sex life from her brother but that doesn't last very long. He tries to talk her out of having sex with others. This should be obvious but she ends up getting pregnant from her brother. After she gives birth the conditioning that was done to her somehow comes undone. She is finally able to stop craving sexual acts with others, and is finally able to settle for only having sex with her brother and is happy with that.

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