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Boy or a Girl


A person grew up believing he was a boy. But he looks very girl like. When he reaches puberty he starts to grow boobs. The kids make fun of him and he and his family move and he starts doing home schooling. Finally in his late teens he has an impressive sized dick and has a girlfriend. He keeps his boobs hidden from her. When he finally talks her into sex he passes out when he cums inside her. He wakes up in the hospital and he finds out that inside of his body he has all the parts he needs to have babies of his own. He may find out that his girlfriend had or has the same issue. Maybe the girlfriend had the penis removed and lived as a female or she kept the penis and hid it during sex. That or she is 100 percent female. Anyways the guy decides to keep his penis but also have the operations to open up his pussy and he eventually no longer hides his female self from the world and eventually ends up pregnant and getting his girlfriend or someone else pregnant near the same time.


Suspect it doubles his chance of a date on Saturday night.

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