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Story Suggestions, or Story Ideas?

Crumbly Writer

Just curious, but is this forum category restricted to story suggestions ("Please write this story for me"), or story ideas ("What do you think about zombie cat stories, and how should I approach them?")

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@Crumbly Writer

I have no clue myself CW since I have not read much in this genre.

Hopefully this forum is for a healthy combination. Ideas will not work until tested. Many times its the variations available which make the ideas more enjoyable.

Replies:   Crumbly Writer
Crumbly Writer


Doc, I've been feeling guilty, visiting this forum category because I have no intention of borrowing anyone else's story ideas. But ... I wouldn't mind a forum (generic term) where I can discuss genre concepts and story approaches.


Lazeez set this up and almost all of them with the idea people who post here will decide what its for. If there are no posts, he will change the category to catch some. That's how editors hangout became editors and reviewers didn't zip their fly.

You can use it any way you want. My thought was to think of story types I would be interested in reading and set some parameters. Like, please no more coming of age stories with football at least not with state champion teams. It will have to be seen if that appeal goes anywhere. I doubt it, it makes a better story than like my actual Hampton High School experience where the old coach went 3 and 5 his last year using the single wing (in the early 1960s. He wrote a book about it, his name was Sooey Eason. I don't think I could make something up about that. His assistant, Coach Letoah used somewhat more modern formations and went 0 and 8, and his wife was charged with embezzling funds from a women's club she was treasurer for. Not a good year. It might make a story but I am not sure if it would be positive for anyone who read it to feel good. The basketball team had a good year, went to the state tournament, and instead of football players being the BMOC the basketball players were. These were the years the high school was integrated. My junior year we had an African American guy. My Senior year we doubled the black student population, we added a girl. In 1962 it was polite to call African Americans black. I think a lot of them wanted black rather than colored people.

I think we should discriminate against albinos. We are all colored, mine just happens to be a shade of pink. We have influenced the Crayola people to call that color flesh. Albinos have no color at all, unless they are the real whites. Racial prejudice is just as crazy as religious prejudice. Unless they really do want to kill you.

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