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Who guards Hell


That is the idea behind my idea of a story line or even a possible universe. In my idea, Hell is very real. It is one of three universes that coexist similtantiously. One universe contains earth and life as we know it. Another (My idea was to name it Well Spring) is filled with those creatures of magic that once inhabited earth and left it taking magic with them. The other (Hell) is filled with demons and monsters whose only goal is to escape from their universe into either ours or into Well Spring. These universes ae connected at several points around the world that can be opened magically. These portals are known points and have guards assigned to watch and guard against incursion.

I do hope someone can take this idea and run with it.


It would make sense if the guards were angels themselves since in essence, hell is a prison made for The Fallen Angel lucifer and his legion of fallen angels.

A good catalyst would be a group of misguided people for whatever reason tried and successfully opened one of these portals by banishing the guardian angel that was guarding that portal thus starting another great war.

The protagonist could be an archangel or a higher up angel who was sent into the human world by possessing a human body to try and close the opened portals(whilst this is only Plan A, the angels are preparing for Plan B - Total War).

You could also add, since angels are celestial soldiers thus unfeeling and only loyal to their Father, problems in which he is bombarded by human emotions and limited by his human body.

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When I first tried writing this story on my own, My initial story idea was to have the opening story be about a statue of a medevial soldier which always faced a particular spot on a cliff face that was in a monastery. I had envisioned the guards as humans that had been selected throughout time to guard these portal openings. My thoughts were that they would be the ones who sounded the alarms that summoned the angels or arch angels to support them.

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