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New Cheerleader and the Team Mascot.


As an initiation to the cheerleading squad a girl has to have sex with the team's mascot. The new cheerleader is set up in one room waiting either without panties or completely nude, depending on a contest or bet. When the mascot comes in full body costume he can't talk but only do the silly movements or something. On his side any guy is allowed to steal or borrow the costume at one point. A few or all of the cheerleaders get to watch the sex. And whoever does that can be the winner and get with the cheerleader. The head cheerleader captain of the football team had a camera or more set up to find out who it was that was lucky enough to be with the cheerleader. But somehow the guy snuck past the cameras and his identity was kept a secret. The guy could be the new cheerleader's brother, cousin, or best childhood friend, doesn't matter if it's even kept a secret from the readers. Heck maybe even a teacher or the new cheerleader stole the suit and gave it to her dad.

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