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I have been working on a story idea for over eight months. My wonderful wife told me to forget it and get on with something else, after my fourth rewrite. The problem is I can't write from a female perspective, and I feel this story has to be done that way. So if you're like me a guy who has trouble with writing in a female POV I recommend skipping this one.
Eight months ago I was at a local rat burger place when I witnessed these three teenage girls come in and go to the counter. What was unusual about that was it was lunchtime on a Saturday and there was quite a line. When someone started to complain the leader of the three turned and said "You don't mind do you? Beside we're in a hurry and your fat enough." The woman she was speaking to was nowhere near close to being fat. She had those few extra pounds we all seem to get when we reach forty, none the less she was an attractive woman.
So here is the story idea that has burned in my brain since.
The year is 2660 and our world has changed. In the early years of the twenty-second century humans out smarted themselves. They developed prenatal gene therapy. This was at first a great boon to society. No more Autism, Schizophrenia or other hereditary diseases. Soon the world got smarter and stronger. The human race seemed to jump the evolutionary fence. Somewhere along the way it was decided that humans didn't really need all that junk DNA and some of the pre-med corporations started removing them. The problem was evident at first, but after two generations humans began losing their ability to empathize with others. This lead to all kinds of problems and eventually a war that lasted thirty years.
In response to this people started having their DNA prescreened. At some point some lonely guy decided he would have better luck with the ladies if he had the number tattooed on his left shoulder. It must have worked because with in years the government regulated the process. Twenty years later someone added their IQ to their right shoulder, probably a blonde tired of the jokes, and the world government was quick to add regulations for that as well.
So the year is 2660 enter one Veronica Smothers, never Roni or Vicki her mother wouldn't allow it. She just turned twenty and is excited to finally be able to wear he first shoulder less blouse. Off she heads to the testing center. She has no worries about the tests. After all, her mom has a 732/302 (DNA Purity out of 1000 / IQ) and her father a 741/284. What does she have to worry about. She is shocked when her numbers are revealed to be 452/321 for in the world she lives in you just do not marry or socialize with anyone more than seventy-five in either direction.
Her numbers cause a huge fight with both parents blaming the other of all sorts of things. Her father pulls some strings to get her retested, but it will be a month before that can happen. Then another two months to have her number removed and her new number applied. Even all his wealth and the power of being a world senator can't change the time frame.
During her wait, our young heroine learns what her numbers really mean friends she has known her entire life refuse to talk with her. She is relegated to back of the line as others with higher numbers go to the front. She even has her doctor cancel an appointment saying I'm sure you understand how things are. First she gets mad then she gets her tattoo's blacked out, which caused a violent reaction from her aunt. The final straw for her parents is when she starts going by the name Tilly.
I could lay out the entire story as I see it but that has resulted in several failures to conceive. So I will leave you with this. Let me know if you wish any further information.

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