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Dad Witnesses Daughter


I'd like to see a sort of "cuckold" story where a man suspects that his daughter may be sexually active.
He would find clues here and there (selfies on her phone, pics on her computer).
She would be a daughter who naively and unknowingly teases her father with growing skimpier outfits as she discovers her sexuality.
Eventually he would witness his daughter's sexual activity (kissing, petting, groping, under-clothes touching) but no hard proof she has lost her virginity. In essence, play out like a cuckold story but between father/daughter. (No sex between the two but she would naively physically interact with him in ways that turn him on).

Replies:   Crumbly Writer
Crumbly Writer


That's less cuckolding and more 'dad becomes interested in his daughter sexually by watching her have sex'. Doesn't qualify as "cuckolding" by any stretch of the definition.

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