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Sports and weight loss


I waited too long. I lost my weight senior year of high school and played college tennis in a D3 school. I broke records at the school in terms of total wins and single season wins. does anyone have interest in writing a weight loss story relating to a sports athlete. I can give advice relating to what I dedicated myself to in terms of weight training and conditioning. I know a lot about football and basketball. If an author would like advice about a sport then please let me know.

Replies:   Crumbly Writer
Crumbly Writer


There are several sport stories (see the long discussions about them on the old forum), but I'll just bring up one issue. Very often, the strict structure around fitness makes storytelling a little more difficult. If your character run in the morning, has practice in the afternoon and then lights weights in the evening, there's not a lot of time left to construct a story in.

I ran into this in one story. Readers complained about what a slug the main character was, but I needed him to be free to travel to nearby cities at a moment's notice.

Just something to consider. Most of the sports stories handle the structure of conditioning well. For the most part, author's attention to weight loss tends to be 'I used to be fat, then I got in shape and now ...'.

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