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Revenge stories


I've read some cheating stories that end in the mc getting revenge and coming out on top.

Why don't we tweak that a bit?

Our mc is a teen, barely out of puberty(probably 16 or 17).

He lives in a farm with his single father who has been bitter because his wife left him for a rich guy.

So the father eventually plans his revenge by training his son various skills including seducing women and making them his slut.

The father then dies and son goes to live with his mother.

Thus the revenge begins(could be reversed and mc is female).


Was there ever a cheating story where a husband found out his wife was cheating on him so he devises a plan to seduce and fuck the living shit out of the female family/friends of both his wife and her lover?


That was exactly what i was looking for, a fresh take on cheating scene.

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