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Mama's boy


The MC would be from a rich background with a dad who is too busy with his business and other stuff that the only one who really took care of him was his mother thus forming an unbreakable bond/attachement = mama's boy.

The mother would then die due to illness or accidents, leaving the kid wanting love from a mother figure(MILF).

See where i'm going with this?

Even though he's rich, he could do works in the neighbourhood to meet MILFs.

Or can someone give me links to any story with an mc with particular tastes to milfs/older women.

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Crumbly Writer

I've always wanted to write a do-over story where an older man dies, comes back a young boy, and instead of chasing all the other kids, instead romances and seduces the older women in his life. That just seems more reasonable to me. After all, how is someone with 80 years experience going to relate to teen/pre-teen girls? If anything, they'd be overly paternalistic, which would strike the other kids as 'weird', causing alienation.

However, I never had enough to add to the existing stories to justify writing the story (i.e. no overriding themes beyond 'guy comes back and screws everyone he runs across').



Try "Cecil Corless, Young Investor" by happyhugo, or some of those by Peterbeater

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Cecil Corless, Young Investor

Can you give me a link? I'll search for it but i may not be able to find it if its too specific.

Anyways, the plot could also be of time travel, say an old man died and went back in time or to another body, a teen ofcourse just starting highschool.

Say he's into younger women but not that young compared to his previous self, so he'll go after 20s or 30s or 40s women who are more ripe.




Oops, looks like I made a spelling error in the name. Sorry!

Crumbly Writer


Say he's into younger women but not that young compared to his previous self, so he'll go after 20s or 30s or 40s women who are more ripe.

I suggested that as a possible story plot, but I've never seen a story using that as a premise. Instead, they all universally go for either pre-teen or teen girls, which is why an alternative would be attractive.

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@Crumbly Writer

the problem with most do-over stories is that they get annoying almost immediately when they spend chapters upon chapters talking about teenage drama.

I also hate the fact that most do over or mind control stories has great premises but its potential are wasted because 'the mc is a teen boy and is going through puberty thus he is incapable of making wise choices and think of other things other than chasing girls and sex'

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