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Naked in School idea


For those interested in musical theatre like South Pacific, the title of the story is Sam and Janet Naked in Night School.

Sam and Janet evening you will meet a stranger...Night school accounts for the evening. When they get together to remove their clothing some of the other NiS participants are strangers. Its a crowded room. You can Google the lyrics and adapt as much of it as you want. Another song from the same show works for a school. They have to be carefully taught. The shower scene where NiS guys are in the women's shower I'm going to wash that guy right out of my hair. The school is Bali High.


Well, insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. So to prove or probably disprove my sanity, I will suggest other perhaps less humorous NiS themes, if that is possible.

Dolcett High. That's the one where girls are tortured to tenderize the flesh, cooked and eaten. You could Google it, I am not inventive enough to make this up on my own. Probably the number of girls in this program need to be limited, or maybe only eaten on Friday. Perhaps it improves Cafeteria food?

Special teachers are hired, probably new graduates so they don't have to be paid much, to be naked in school and teach sex education and of course be naked in school. The teachers unions wouldn't want any current members/teachers to have to do that. Maybe the sex ed "teachers" are only consultants on a one year contract, renewable if they succeed. Not sure what success would be. Up to the writer. Maybe paid on a per orgasm basis. Their own or maybe of the children in the program. Or of the Principal or the school board. Maybe the consulting firm that runs the NiS program is like one of the Military consulting firms from Iraq. Support is support, its all logistics, shells or condoms. Drop and give me ten. Pushups or orgasms. The athletic effort is similar.

Cross-over with other Genres. Its been done for do-over and fantasy. Maybe a Cmsix type going back to the past. Program participants or the whole school associating with cavemen and women, learning about sex and survival at the same time. Really going back to nature. The aliens bring the program boys and girls, ones that survive, back in time to graduate. This time we don't have to worry about the teachers union. Depends on how much (building and personnel) we send back. Having a ROTC program might help explain some rifles.

Another cross-over. Combine the Swarm Cycle with Naked in School. How CAAP scores affect who is chosen for the Program and how the chosen few behave. One approach is to try for pre-packs with High CAP students either being naked in school and choosing among other students including other naked participants or for the NiS students being candidates for being chosen.

Writers are supposed to have ideas. Make up stories, put interesting characters in them and let wonderful and strange things happen until the end. And they lived happily ever after. Unless its a Dolcett story.

These ideas are provided free, with out any credit to be given (and aren't worth giving any.) I do ask that there not be any football in any of these stories. I like football OK, its just almost every coming of age character plays football, is great at it and wins state championships. Can you say Boring? At least Banadin made his hero a great golfer.

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