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Young School Teacher


This is a slihtly different version of a previous idea i posted. Before the female teacher was much younger, 16 i believe. I was thinking of a story where a young woman of the age of 20 is a teacher at a high school. One day she finds that she is falling for one of her male students. She stops herself from pursuing a relationship with him 1 because he's 17 and 2 because student teacher relationships are frowned upon. So she finds herself a boyfriend. It's nothing serious but for a while it keeps her distracted from the male student. Then soon after he turns 18 her feelings for her student get stronger. The one day she is unable to fight the feelings they both have for one another. They have sex. And they even do it at school. But the principal catches them. He tries to blackmail her into having sexwith him. He thrates to tell her boyfriend. But she is saved by her younger sister. Her younger sister is 18 and reveals she has always had a crush on the principal and she offers her body to the principal to save her sister. It works. The principal had liked the younger sister for a long time but couldn't find the oportunity to do anything with her. Once the female teacher becomes pregnant from her student she feels it's time to break up with her boyfriend. That or he breaks up with her because he can't have kids or they never had sex. Shortly after graduation she marries her male student.


Fantastic idea may it be told thru brother to his fiancee when they see that both susters are pregnent four months and brother telling every detail how his sisters got involved and very juicy graphic detail of their lovemaking with teacher sister and younger sister because most of the time both sister getting fucked at home for privacy and they dont know this brother is at home
How about that and his fiance is student,s real sister


Sounds interesting. So you're saying the older sister who is a teacher and her younger sister have a brother? And he's telling the story of how his one sister had sex with the student and the other had sex with the principal?

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