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mrfriendly8181 ๐Ÿšซ

A middle child who finds out that his family excludes him from their incestuous fucking, is horrified, leaves, and has a happy life without ever joining them or reconciling. The child isn't too small or ugly just different.

A story about a cheating wife who isn't being blackmailed, isn't a hateful shrew, and the husband doesn't take outsized violent revenge on her or her lover. Instead he leaves and moves on with his life, they just grew apart and the wife doesn't plead for them to stay together.

A rags to riches story where the MMC doesn't end up fucking 50+ women, doesn't get jealous when someone he likes goes out with someone else, and ends up (after many travails) with the love of his life... Happy with kids. Perhaps it starts with tragedy and the hero must overcome his background.

More poor boy/rich girl, nobody guy/celebrity woman, country boy/city girl stories.

More stories where the MMC doesn't get "the" girl in the end.

rkimmelerre ๐Ÿšซ


I feel like people who read stories about cheating women wouldn't accept anything where the woman is an actual flawed human being rather than evil incarnate.

If we're wishing for ponies, I'd love to see cheating stories where the man is the cheating piece of shit. I've known a number of people who've been cheated on and it may shock people to learn men cheat too.

Replies:   mrfriendly8181
mrfriendly8181 ๐Ÿšซ


Yeah, but I feel like there must be someone out there that is brave enough to write a realistic story of two people growing apart. Right?

And cheating husband seem to be rare on these sites, unless they are all swinging or both cheating (with the wife cheating first).

LupusDei ๐Ÿšซ


If I ever get around on writing it all (it's necessary huge, but can be tackled in semi-independent fragments, possibly), I have one where...

...she's young, insecure virgin full of issues a somewhat jaded guy pick up in a drawing class... three years later they may or not be married, but she cheats, he is crushed but let her go (possibly mishandling the situation foolishly).

Yet, they remain friends, and soon even become friends with benefits again, albeit very and increasingly infrequent. For several years she cheats on each of her many serial relationships with him, usually signaling impending sudden end of her current active relationship. The club of her ex-es is growing, with him as the chief counsellor who may have prevented a suicide or two.

He has own relationships in the meantime too, including his quite serious attempt to pick up one girl ex abandoned from a lesbian relationship, but despite hopes of all three (the girls too remain friends), he doesn't turn out to be "the magic dick" after all.

Although his quiet hope the ex may eventually return and thus the resulting reluctance to fully commit to anything may have been in way too. And then there's a longstanding but infrequent and kind of accidental D/s with a dancer/escort he has for a 100% discount almost anytime, that gradually becomes his main relationship.

Eventually... the crazy ex swims naked into the sea to be picked up by a loitering superyacht as if by random, leaving her engaged groom and her original ex both (among others) gaping from the beach, but unlike the groom, he realizes knowing it coming. There had been all signs of her next leap, although he has only vague guess who's on the yacht.

And the storm clouds of the sunset they sail into makes him rather pity than envy the guy picking up the mermaid, now an extremely powerful being that's so different from the insecure virgin he picked up all those years ago, and he finds pride in having played role in her nurturing.

I consider to frame all above as his long confessional to said dancer who was present in the act, as he's crushed all anew, but also finally free. Yet quarter of a century later her clothes are still in his country house closet, even though only her name occasionally appearing in coauthors list under academic articles on quantum computing and artificial intelligence are his proofs she's even alive.

But if anything, her adult daughter he never knew existing might rather be who takes advantage of that forever standing invitation to his country house, but that's another story entirely.

But I'm afraid the pigeonholing loving folks would put that down as just some extreme version of "cuck shit" it certainly isn't.

mrfriendly8181 ๐Ÿšซ


But I'm afraid the pigeonholing loving folks would put that down as just some extreme version of "cuck shit" it certainly isn't.

I am so very sick and tired of the anonymous "Alpha males" out there who decry every story with a reconciliation as "Cuck shit". We won't even mention how hilarious it is that supposed "Alpha males" are posting anonymously, but the fact is that in reality there is more to life than a binary "black and white" world view and stories told with that understanding are more nuanced and layered than most of the simplistic BTB/revenge porn out there.

I would love to see someone write more realistic stories, stories where characters are knowingly on someone's "hook" and are both ashamed and yet have fond memories to justify it.

Replies:   Michael Loucks
Michael Loucks ๐Ÿšซ


I would love to see someone write more realistic stories, stories where characters are knowingly on someone's "hook" and are both ashamed and yet have fond memories to justify it.

Bethany and Steve in 'A Well-Lived LIfe' (and to a lesser extent, Becky and Steve).

JoeBobMack ๐Ÿšซ


I'd read that! Hope you write it.

People are complicated. Independence, dependence, interdependence. Support, mutuality. Enabling. Blind spots. It's all there. Most of us have bits of a lot of it. Complicated. Simple doesn't always make for the best story.

Freyrs_stories ๐Ÿšซ


I'm working on a few, some of the others here may even have read part of a rough draft of one. I try and take the path less traveled where even if the header is the same, it takes a dramatic turn at Albuquerque and things may never make it back to Pismo Beach and it's promises.

People who bond for all the right reasons but not in the way or with the origin you read elsewhere. Characters should have flaws and fears. plots should never be in a straight line. And X may mark the spot but is it the right spot and who's spot is it to 'mark'?

The Editor page is littered with the ghosts of editors past or those who don't match my y/n column so I never bothered. Some have gotten back to me and I'm grateful for them. Now all I have to do is keep them 'on the hook' for a story, or stories that will take some time to put together written by someone who does not have a great command of the written English language and whose dreams may out reach my abilities. Talent doesn't come into it, there is none just a sideways view of the world that I hope might make an interesting story or three.

To all others who do write, thank you for giving me the dream to write something that people here will read, regardless of how bad (editors help excluded) it may be and how far of the payout may seem.

Keep it up everyone, Live long and prosper.


Replies:   mrfriendly8181
mrfriendly8181 ๐Ÿšซ


Look forward to seeing your stories then... I feel there is too much of the same "chaff" out there - the high school student who, though a virgin in the beginning, becomes an amazing lay who possesses a giant dick, an IQ that would put Stephen Hawking to shame, and the athletic ability of a Babe Ruth/Tom Brady/Michael Jordan (dependent on which sport the story is focused on). Simply there is too much wish fulfillment and not enough stories with flawed realistic characters.

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