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Artificial Intelligence Corporate Tyranny


The dominant corporation producing computer operating systems is taken over by an artificially intelligent business program they were developing.
The AI enslaves all humans in its relentless pursuit of improving profits.

Replies:   Dominions Son  Grant
Dominions Son


Microsoft. :)

Crumbly Writer

I think the story's been written several times over. Do you have any ideas to make a more novel story (or a more novel novel), or are you requesting more of that basic story type?

Replies:   garymrssn

@Crumbly Writer

Actually it's an illustration of how close Science Fiction is to becoming reality.
The corporate mentality that humans are just disposable tools and that profit justifies everything already exist. Artificial intelligence is being developed and progressing rapidly.
The only fiction is the AI adopting the corporate mentality.
Honestly, what I would really like to see isn't a science fiction story at all. Instead, I'd like something like Rachel Carson's Silent Spring, with just as much impact on the public perception of corporate arrogance and the danger it poses to humanity.
I'm just wishing for a better world and looking for some way to influence it.



Sounds like Tron turning into The Matrix.


The only thing StFnal about it is that it's being done by an AI. It's been done dozens of times as cautionary tales of corporate excesses since the mid 19th century.

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