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Son has to leave marshland(?) home after hurting or killing son of wealthy landowner

sunseeker 🚫

OK, I've read this story a few times but for the life of me I can't remember the title.

Some things I remember:

I believe he lives with his family in a marshland and has to leave because he hurt or killed the son of a wealthy landowner.

The landowner has him attacked as he is leaving

He joins up with a bunch of soldiers in another country and they end up being betrayed by a town that hires them, and he is the only survivor,

returns to get his homeland to get his family, ends up killing the wealthy family except for the daughter,

gets kidnapped and taken back to the town that killed his fellow soldiers, girl saves him by taking him as her husband,

near the end is given land and a title I believe...

This is about all I can think of for now, freakin memory blanks lol

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Remus2 🚫



Replies:   sunseeker
sunseeker 🚫


that's the one! Thanks! I remembered the name "joerg isebrande" but was confused thinking it was name of the mc from "Always on Guard :D

Jorgarn is the name in Jay Cantrell's Always on Guard. Another very entertaining story

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